Internship in Product & Fashion Photography


Type of internship: Paid internship in Product & Fashion Photography

Delhi Photography Services is offering internship in photography (internship in Fashion photography, internship in Product photography and internship in e-commerce photography)

We are seeking talented photography students to intern with our company. We currently have two openings for students interested in receiving hands on experience in Fashion photography, product photography and e-commerce photography. This would be a stellar opportunity for a photography student who wants to gain experience working with one of Delhi’s top Fashion, product and e-commerce photography agency.

Interns will be able to expand their portfolio and have the opportunity to network with the professionals of Delhi’s fashion industry . Interns will also have a chance to get their photos published in India’s leading online shopping portals & highly creative print catalogs. This is an unpaid internship; however it will be packed with full filled events and a lot of opportunities. Interns will work alongside Delhi Photography Services’ team on various professional assignments of fashion photography and product photography.

Skills required:

One year Diploma course in photography
Basic knowledge of photoshop & photo editing
Must commit to 3 month internship program.
Must have good organizational skills
Great communication skills ” verbal & written ”
Ideal intern would be someone who is a professional with a great attitude and has the love for photography in all genres.
Must have good work ethics.
He/she must be dependable and responsible, as well as able to complete task and projects on time.
Must have own camera.
Must be willing to travel within Delhi and outside Delhi for assignments with DPS team.

If interested please email your resume to : &



FAQs – Students and Interns

If you’re a photography student or someone who wants to learn Fashion & product photography and are looking for internship opportunities, please read this before getting in touch:


Q: Do you accept interns? 

A: Yes, We do have vacancies for interns from time to time. Please contact us at & with some samples of your work and resume. 


Q: Do I need my own camera and gear?

A: Your own camera is required. It’s important to master your equipment and We’ll be happy to help tutor you on how best to use it. Lenses can be borrowed.

Q: Do I have to be in Delhi to work with you?

A: Yes

Q: I have a job, and can only spare Saturday / Sunday to work with you.

A: I understand the benefits of having a full time job, and also wanting to learn photography on the side. However, everything do not happen only on weekends – so if you’re serious about a career in photography, you need to give us your complete time as an intern.


Q: When I’m working with you, what will I be expected to do?

A: In the beginning, you will be required to help senior photographers on product and fashion shoot and when time comes you will be doing shoots independently.



Q: What are the copyright agreements, and who owns the images I shoot?

A: While working with us, you are working under the banner of  Delhi Photography Services Pvt. Ltd. You will be expected to act as a member of the team, and that also includes presenting yourself as a team member to clients and other people you meed during your tenure as intern @ Delhi Photography Services Private Limited. However, you are permitted to use the images you shoot in your personal portfolio as a photographer. You are however, NOT permitted to use the photos for any promotional activity on 3rd party publications or websites, or for commercial or monetary gain. These guidelines exist to protect both your and our brand reputations. For any questions, or if you’re unsure about a certain situation, it’s best to just ask!


Q: Do I get paid for an internship? 

A: No, you need to pay fee as mentioned above.

Do I have to pay you to work with you?

A: Yes, as of now we are offering 3 months internship with a basic fee of Rs 60,000/- (+18% GST) for 3 months.